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Serrano Compressed Watermelon & Feta Skewers

Greetings from warm and sunny Florida!! Here is a great appetizer that you can serve quickly, with low cost, and tons of flavor. In this recipe I used Bsphere Chili; a chili infused single wine balsamic vinegar. This vinegar has great depth, heat, and a little sweetness to top it off. Compressing any fruit will...
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Brussel Sprouts with Prosciutto and Walnuts

  Most of my life I thought I hated brussel sprouts.  Apparently, I just hated the way my mom made them.  My mother always boiled brussel sprouts; so what you got on your plate were these ugly, watery, tasteless, bulbs that were absolutely gross (thank goodness my mom is old and does not own...
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