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Flavorful Buffalo Wings

The Super Bowl is over and sadly the Carolina Panthers did not win (I live in Charlotte).  One of the most popular dishes served at Super Bowl parties are chicken wings.  I know I should have posted this recipe prior to the Super Bowl, but I did not want it to get lost...
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Cuban Dip Sandwiches

A couple of years ago, I went to a cute little restaurant in Flint, Michigan with my aunt and a couple of my cousins (don't worry we drank beer instead of water).  On the menu, they had a Cuban rendition of the classic French Dip sandwich.  I am totally a dipper, so I was...
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Breakfast Cups

Breakfast Cups Since I work so much, I try to always make a Sunday brunch for my family. Just something we can easily enjoy together that does not require me to spend all morning in the kitchen. I don’t usually do anything too fancy or elaborate, just something like pancakes, waffles, or some type...
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Beer Cheese Soup

Soup and hot sandwiches are a great family meal on a cold winter day.  Together they are warm, filling, and can easily be made ahead.  It is also a great meal that allows you to use some of the leftovers you have in your fridge.  When I plan and shop for my family's...
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